Sunday, 28 November 2010

Benefits of Learning Arabic

Before you get started with finding and taking a good Arabic language course you should know just why learning this language will be beneficial to you. Are you aware that Arabic is the fifth most spoken language in the world and it is also the officially recognized language in twenty plus countries in the world and that there are more than three hundred million people that speak the language?

Arabic is Islam's liturgical language and this is in fact another solid reason why it pays to enroll in an Arabic language course. Learning this language therefore means that you will be able to understand the Holy Quran and at the same time get to converse with millions of Muslims in different parts of the world.

Thirdly, the demand for people that speak and who understand Arabic is very high while the supply is very low, especially in the West. In fact, too few Westerners understand or speak this language and because the influence exerted by rich Middle Eastern countries cannot be ignored it makes sense to learn their language so that you can work and also do business with those countries.

In fact, the government of the United States has even designated this language as being one that has strategic significance and in this regard and in the year 2006 the National Strategic Language Initiative came into being with a view to promoting the language among the American population and so they have begun offering scholarships and other support opportunities.

There no doubts the fact that countries where Arab is spoken are of great importance in terms of trading opportunities and the desire of the western countries is to integrate these countries into the globalized economy. This means that there is now a greater potential to do business with these countries (that by and large are loaded with petro dollars) and with a GDP of more than six hundred billion dollars there is certainly reason to learn their language and further trade and business opportunities.

The Arab people of the world have also a long cultural tradition and history and they have in fact made significant contributions to our civilization. Compared to Europe where in the Middle Ages life was pretty stagnant the world of the Arab-Islamic peoples was reaching its zenith. This led to significant contributions in the fields of science and medicine as well as philosophy.

As mentioned, Arab-speaking civilizations have had a very rich and enriching culture that has thrown up great works of art and music as well as literature. In addition, their cuisine and their way of living are all very intriguing and a good example of it is the art of bell dancing and of course the many delightful dishes from the Middle East are also world famous.

By enrolling in an Arabic language course you can do your bit in promoting inter-cultural harmony and understanding and it will also mean getting rid of the stereotype image of Arabs which is promoted through Hollywood and other related sources.

Other good reasons to learn this language include the influence that this language has had on other languages and also because there is a big American Arab community that need to be understood better.

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