Sunday, 28 November 2010

Opportunities In Dubai

Dubai, the wealthiest state in the United Arab Emirates, is one of the top destinations for tourists world wide and now has potential for residential occupation as a variety of jobs have opened up for many classes of professionals and workers. With a booming US$ 37 billion economy, the country can easily provide countless opportunities for those in countries with less promising job prospects.

One of the booming occupations presently available are for skilled pilots, in high demand by the local hub of national airline Emirates Airline, based at Dubai International Airport. A large number of pilots from around the world have taken up the numerous, lucrative positions provided those are largely unavailable in their home countries.

Also made available are jobs for financial workers, such as accountants, particularly since the recent trend of financial institutions moving their operations into the Middle East. The high demand created by this and other factors, leads to exorbitant compensation packages for those who take up one of the many openings. One particular case is that of a Chicago accountant who earns more than twice his previous salary now doing, more or less, the same work. He pulls in $250 K yearly, and also drives a Mercedes Benz his company provides.

Yet another opportunity, more general in prospects, is that for well qualified persons to fill high paying management positions in some of the new companies growing in the state, as well as in well known companies who have set up hubs to take advantage of the bright financial position such as Kraft Foods. These businesses have a huge need for many trained professionals and, These businesses have a huge need for many trained professionals and, as these are in great shortage in the region at this time, they turn to the more qualified foreigners who are all too eager to get a share of the seemingly impossible benefits associated with working in one of the few countries in the world that can honestly boast of a consistently growing economy.

There are also jobs for those less skilled workers, such as those in the country s numerous oil companies, who have an ever increasing need for manpower in order to turn a profit to one of the highest contributing individual industries to its mega economy. Also available for the working class are jobs in tourism, ranging from hotel receptionists, to bagboys, room service attendants etc. Even these jobs can easily turn a six figure salary in the right places.

To top it all off, Dubai holds a special attraction for fun loving people with its numerous nightclubs and parties, yet another job opportunity for bartenders and other club staff, that provide good, more or less wholesome, relaxation after a hard day s work. It also offers some of the world s best restaurants that rival those at the top end in places like New York, but are easily affordable in such a wealthy country. All in all, a wonderful quality of life is standard in this little known economic paradise. When a country this perfect opens its doors to foreigners, who would not want take advantage?

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