Sunday, 28 November 2010

Middle Eastern Cuisine

The Middle East produces some of the world's most delicate snacks and delicious flavours. These are countries ripe with traditional cooking methods where eating a meal is as much about the friends you share it with as the food you eat. In Syria you can explore the local Souqs (undercover markets) where every nook and cranny is filled with fragrant herbs and rich spices. Turkish meals often include a helping of warm fresh bread alongside soups cooked in pots that need to be cracked open after cooking. In Jordan share meze with friends. Popular meze dishes include Baba Ghanoush – mashed eggplant (aubergine) and minced lamb mixed with mint and spices. In Israel the budget-conscious backpacker can indulge in chicken kebabs, bagels, and falafels with hummus in warm pitas. If this has wet your appetite then read on for a pick of the tastiest Middle Eastern dishes and beverages.

If you like it strong and dark then Turkish coffee is for you. It is bitter, taken without milk and served in an espresso sized cup.

Chick pea lovers unite! The Middle East is full of creamy hummus, chick pea stews and deep fried falafels.
Order a kebab like no other kebab you've ordered before. Choose from tender cuts of lamb, chicken or beef with salad, hummus and olives, topped with chilli and garlic sauce.

Munch on olives of every colour, size and flavour.

Buy Turkish Delight in bulk in, you guessed it, Turkey. These come in flavours ranging from yellow rose to pistachio. Once sampled never forgotten.

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