Sunday, 28 November 2010

Packing For The Middle East

Traveling to the Middle East can be a great adventure. One way to help ensure that you have a pleasant trip is to take care when packing for Middle Eastern travel, including Dubai travel, so that you will have the essentials that you need without extraneous items you will not use.

One overall rule to try to follow is to pack light. It is easiest to rely on carry-on luggage rather than checking your bags, so you don't have to wait around to retrieve it. You'll need to be selective in determining what you will need for your trip, because your room is limited. It pays to start making a list of what you'll need to take several weeks before your trip, so you have time to shop for needed items if necessary.

In terms of clothing, depending on what time of year you are planning your Dubai travel, you can lighten your luggage load by packing lightweight clothing, rather than heavier weight clothing. You might be able to pack lighter by bringing only a few essentials from home, and then plan on purchasing some clothing when you arrive at your destination. Another Dubai travel tip to consider is to bring older clothing with you, and then dispose of it when it gets dirty or before you leave your travel spot, and in this way you can free up luggage space for mementos from your journey that you wish to take home with you. You can pack lighter by doing laundry on your trip as well. Packing a comfortable pair of shoes is always good advice for when you are waiting in long lines or spending the day on foot walking.

Some personal items that people traveling to Dubai hotels east often find handy that will not take up much space are useful. A waterless hand sanitizer will be used and appreciated many times in your travels. Minimal makeup is probably all that you will need, and you can save room by transporting makeup in re-closeable plastic bags. You can sort items into these clear bags, and then you can find your supplies at a glance quickly. A small first aid kit with bandages and first-aid ointment comes in handy for small cuts and blisters. Toilet paper can be non-existent in some places, and you'll be glad that you included a roll in your luggage. Keep some in the pocket of your clothing as well, so you'll be prepared whatever the circumstance. A miniature flashlight can come in very handy and does not take up much room. A small compass and maps from home in a language you can read can make or break an enjoyable outing in an unfamiliar city, while you are away from your Dubai Hotels.

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